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Exterior and interior painting projects are difficult to complete on your own especially if you are looking for a sleek, professional finish. SJC Trade Group are the professional painters of choice in Ascot Park, Adelaide. We have over 20 years of professional painting experience. Our professional, budget painters have successfully completed painting projects in the commercial and residential sectors. We are skilled in all things paint from 2pac spray painting to top coat application. We also offer other services like floor finishing, roof repairs and plastering. Our professional painters in Adelaide adequately prepare every surface before beginning a project. They always keep their work area clean and clear away all debris after the professional painting project is complete. At SJC Trade Group, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We will give you a free colour consultation to ensure you get the most out of your professional painting service. Whether you’re looking to re-do the interior of your house or repaint the exterior of your retail store, our professional painters are eager and ready to help.


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Professional painting is paramount when renovating an old property or putting the finishing touches on a new one. There are many reasons to consider refurbishing your property and using some of the best professional painters in Adelaide. Maybe you’ve been living in the same house for 30 years and the exterior could do with a fresh coat or new pop of colour. Maybe you own an apartment block and want to change the feel of the building for your tenants. Maybe you just built a new establishment and need the right colours to attract your desired clientele. Whatever your reasons for renovating your property, leave it to professional painters in Adelaide to get the job done correctly. Trying to complete such a momentous task alone is daunting. Our professional painters in Adelaide will help you get your painting project complete in no time at all. In fact, we know how challenging it is to make time for your refurbishment projects, so our professional painters offer a flexible schedule. We use only the best paints and sealers. We want to make your property look great but also protect it from the elements. We use waterproof paint for exterior painting jobs. If your roof needs repairing, we have the best sealers to stop all leaks. The professional painting services we offer include interior and exterior painting, roof repairs, 2pac spray painting and floor finishes. We also have a team of decorators in Adelaide who can assist with mural designs and painting. Our professional painters in Adelaide assist commercial and residential clients with any painting project big or small.

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Whatever your painting needs, our professional painters in Adelaide can help you. We will develop the perfect painting plan for you. We complete every professional painting job with paying the utmost attention to detail ensuring our clients get the best. We will assist with everything from colour consultations to surface preparation to post-painting clean-up. No commercial or residential project is too big or small for our professional painters in Adelaide. Contact us today to find out what our dynamic and passionate team can do for you. SJC Trade Group are the professional painters you can trust.

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