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Floor Finishes

Floor Finishes Overview

SJC Trade Group has provided exceptional painting and floor finishing services in Adelaide for over 20 years. Our professional painting service covers an extensive range of floor finishes. We will make any floor look stunning by using a wide range of extremely durable epoxy coatings. These are specialised floor coatings that can only be applied by certified applicators, which of course we have on our team of professional painters in Adelaide. Your floor will be in safe hands with our professional painters. We provide everything from grinding and solid colour epoxy coatings to decorative and slip required coatings. Our professional painters can work on hardwood floors, concrete or stone floors, tiles and carpet. We care about our customers at SJC Trade Group and always strive to deliver the best floor finishing work in Adelaide. Our team of professional painters and certified applicators have completed jobs for commercial and residential clients. We can complete large- or small-scale flooring. Trust our professional painters in Adelaide to transform your floor.

Floor Finishes Plan and Details

We don’t often think about the floors in our homes or commercial properties, but without them there would be no foundation for the lives we build inside those spaces. Our certified applicators and professional painters in Adelaide know that every building needs a solid floor not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety reasons. Having a superior floor finishing can even boost the value of your property. We offer many floor finishing services including restoration, sanding, grinding, epoxy coatings, decorative floor finishes, staining and floor refinishing. Our certified applicators and professional painters in Adelaide always keep longevity in mind when completing any floor finishing project, so you can rest assured you’ll get the best work at the nicest price.


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Our professional painters in Adelaide use only the best tools and materials to complete every grinding floor finish with accuracy and speed. We will create the perfect sleek look for your floor. After the grinding process has been completed, we will add a special coat to protect the floor and prevent slipping.

Solid Colour Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings protect concrete from moisture and stains. It can even protect a floor that handles heavy loads like the floors in a garage or indoor parking lot. Epoxy floor coatings must be applied by certified applicators, which we have at SJC Trade Group. Our professional applicators in Adelaide have extensive experience with epoxy coating applications. There is no limit to the colour and designs that can be created using epoxy coatings.

Decorative Floor Finishes

If you’re redecorating your home or commercial space, remember to find the perfect floor finish. Our certified applicators and professional painters in Adelaide will assess your property to develop the perfect decorative floor finish for you.

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Coatings for Slip Rating Requirements

Floor finishes aren’t only about aesthetics, they’re also about safety. If you own a commercial building like a mall, apartment building or office block, there are certain slip rating requirements you’ll need to meet to ensure the safety of everyone who visits or lives in your building. Our professional painters in Adelaide will ensure they use the best materials to coat any floor surface from wood to concrete.

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Whatever the floor finish you’re looking for, SJC Trade Group in Adelaide can get the job done. We pay close attention to detail and always ensure our clients’ needs are met. We can help with everything from commercial to residential floor finishing. Our professional team of certified applicators and painters in Adelaide are trained to work on all floor surfaces from concrete to hardwood. We use the latest epoxy floor coatings to protect all floors in any building. Contact us today for more information on our floor finishing services.

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