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2pac Spray Painting

2pac Spray Painting Overview

2pac Spray Painting for Bathroom Tiles and Cabinets

Our professional team of 2pac spray painters and cabinet makers are highly skilled and will complete every job with professionalism. We offer free colour matching, so you always get what you are looking for. Any cabinets or tiles can be spray painted, but we also do other surfaces like counter-tops and floors. Whether you’re renovating or putting the finishing touches on your new home, our spray painters can help you. We have the skills to complete commercial spray painting projects when you are renovating or building an establishment.

Structural Steel 2pac Spray Painting

Structural steel can look great, but it’s not always the look you want. SJC Trade Group has special 2pac spray paints that adhere to any surface. You can transform the structural steel elements in your home or commercial property into a work of art.


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Marine and Protective Coatings

Those living near the coast understand that a special protective coating is required to protect everything from outdoor furniture and decks to window frames and doors. Our professional 2pac spray painters are ready to help you revamp your home or commercial property while adding an extra layer of protection.
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We always put our clients first at SJC Trade Group, and that’s why we provide the best 2pac spray painting services in Adelaide. Our experience and passion make us the professional spray painters of choice. We can perform spray painting onsite or at our factory. Contact us today to get your kitchen spray painting quote. We are the 2pac spray painters in Adelaide that you can trust.

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